Summer 2021

+++++ Update 2 September +++++

LFT Tests

The latest government guidelines state that all pupils and staff should take a lateral flow test (LFT) before returning to school this year, and then twice a week thereafter, to try and control the spread of COVID-19. Thank you in advance for helping to keep the whole Bro Edern family safe. Blue LFT boxes are available for collection from reception tomorrow between 8 and 4 if anyone would like to collect one. If year 7 and 12 parents do not have a test to hand tonight, there is no need to worry as you’ll receive blue boxes tomorrow. 

Government details – the answers to every question are here:

Swap Shop

The Swap Shop will be available for any last-minute panics on the school yard tomorrow afternoon (Friday) between 3:30 and 4:30pm for you to collect second hand uniform. We are aware that there are stock issues with some clothing items at YC Sports, so here is a simple solution for our families. Thanks to the Cyfeillion (PTA) for arranging this at short notice.

Year 7

We are really looking forward to welcoming year 7 to Bro Edern tomorrow and we would like to encourage you all – parents and pupils – to have a good night’s sleep tonight. There’s no need to worry! In Bro Edern we can solve (almost) everything! The form tutors can’t wait to meet the pupils who will be under their care.

We can now confirm that year 7 pupils will receive a 2nd generation Lenovo 100e Chromebook. It measures 29cm x 20.5cm, which is also 11.6 inches x 8 inches. The screen is 11.6 inches. Please make sure that you buy a thick sleeve case before the Chromebook collection night, which is next Thursday 9 September. A protective sleeve case with a zip is required, please.

See the full blog below for more details on the year 7 Chromebooks.

In order to help parents to get an idea of what is required, some suitable examples can be found here – but they clearly do not need to be bought from Amazon: 

You need to double check the sizing before you buy – it is your responsibility to read the small print. Chromebooks cannot be issued unless parents bring a suitable case to the meeting. Chromebook contracts and full details of the meeting will follow by the beginning of next week. 

Canteen Menu

For your information, this is the menu for next week’s Meal of the Day. Fish and chips will be available tomorrow, as usual on a Friday! Pizza, baked potatoes, panini, sausage rolls, steak bakes, calzone, sandwiches, salads, rolls, cookies, muffins etc are also available daily. Further details about the canteen and pupils receiving free school meals can be found in the full blog below.

Monday 6th
Spaghetti Bolognese and garlic bread
Vegetarian Bolognese and garlic bread (v)

Tuesday 7th
Beef burgers with herb potatoes
Vegetarian burgers with herb potatoes (v)

Wednesday 8th
Chinese Chicken Curry with vegetable rice
Chinese Quorn Curry with oriental rice (v)

Thursday 9th
Beef Burrito and spicy tomato salsa, rice and beans
Vegetarian Burrito and spicy tomato salsa, rice and beans (v)

Fish and Chips with baked beans, curry sauce or with nothing!

+++++ Summer Blog – 17 July +++++

Hello Everyone

I hope that everyone is well. A VERY LONG blog today – lots of arrangements and updates for you at the end of the year. The photos, videos and fun are right at the end of the blog – keep going!

It’s hard to believe that another year is over. A year ago we welcomed pupils back for the final three weeks of the year. This year has been like a strange voyage of teaching, learning, live learning, self-isolation and various lockdowns and I would like to sincerely thank you as families for joining us every step of the way. It would not have been possible without your total support. I am aware that we have sent some peculiar instructions home at times – no pyjamas in lessons, no pets in lessons … but all these arrangements meant that we were able to continue to provide our pupils with a full timetable of uninterrupted, quality lessons, despite all the challenges thrown at us. Bro Edern teachers are now on holiday. I want to say a big thank you to everyone for all their work at the end of this crazy year. In addition to the live learning, with pupils in and out of self-isolation, overcoming the intricacies of all the assessments was a real challenge. However, the year is finally over. Everyone – both pupils and teachers – ended the year together yesterday. All teachers did 4 twilight sessions last September and October, planning for the possibility that we needed to do some live online learning at some point – thank goodness we planned! We now all need a break.

Positive Pupil

Thanks to our parents once again for all their co-operation this week, after a year 8 pupil received a positive LFT test, followed by a positive PCR test, after being in school on Tuesday. We are sorry that a group of year 8 pupils now need to isolate for the first part of their summer holidays.

Reports on ClassCharts

I know that many of you have discovered your child’s report on ClassCharts. These reports needed to be sent individually by the office, so the process has taken all week, starting with year 12, then 10, 9, 8 and reaching year 7 on Friday. All reports have been sent to the ‘Announcements’ section on ClassCharts, both to the pupil account and to the parental account. If both you and your child have been logged out of ClassCharts, you will need to contact Mr Gary Ellis – please see the bottom of the blog. Mr Ellis will not be able to respond immediately – he is now on holiday.

Exam Results

Although our pupils have already received their results, the official WJEC results arrive in August. Clearly, pupils have not yet received the results of any qualifications regulated in England, so those are to come for some pupils.

Please note that the following need to be in place before pupils can receive their official results:

  • Canteen debts cleared through ParentPay
  • All school iPads returned – and the cables / plugs if still working
  • All school books from any year – returned to school – total amnesty – no questions asked!

Tuesday 10 August
***8:30 – 10:00am – Year 13 results (results under embargo until 8:30)
10:00 – 11:00am – Year 12 results

There will be a Support Clinic during these times where pupils will be able to access advice and any assistance with UCAS and universities.

Thursday 12 August
8:30am – 10:00am – Year 11 results

Details for Reviewing Results of Qualifications from England

Clearly, for any results which have been accredited in England, there will be a process of reviewing the grades, just like we had for the results from Wales. The most pressing matter will be the year 13 results, in order to ensure that these pupils can continue with their future plans. The Decision Making Record for the qualifications from England (only) will be in the results’ envelopes. The window for receiving the Decision Making Record for qualifications from Wales has long closed. If a year 13 pupil wishes for the school to review their grade, Mr Arwel Jones will need to be e-mailed by 12pm noon on Thursday 12 August. Any year 13 appeals will be processed immediately, in fairness to the pupils, who may have university places hanging in the balance. Pupils will be informed of the outcome of the grade review by the evening of Friday 13 August.

For year 11 and 12 pupils, there will also be a Decision Making Record for any qualifications from England in the results’ envelopes. If a pupil decides to request a review of the grade, they will need to e-mail Mrs Mererid Thomas, our Exams Officer, by noon on 7 September. We will process any requests in the new school year.

2021 Dates

Here are some initial dates for the year to come:

  • Thursday 2 September – Inset Day
  • Friday 3 September – Years 7 and 12 return to school
  • Monday 6 September – Everyone returns to school
  • Thursday 9 September – Year 7 Parents’ Meeting to collect Chromebooks
  • Monday 14 September – Information Evening for Year 13 Parents
  • Wednesday 22 September – Colorfoto photoshoot (years 7, 9, 11, 13) – date has changed since the last blog
  • Thursday 7 October – Year 13 Online Parents’ Evening
  • Thursday 21 October – Year 7 Online Pastoral Parents’ Evening with Form Tutor
  • 23-31 October – Half Term
  • Monday 6th December – Cluster Inset Day
  • Friday 17 December – Last day before Christmas


  • Monday 3 January – Bank Holiday
  • Tuesday 4 January – Inset Day
  • Wednesday 5 January – First day back for everyone after Christmas
  • 19-27 February – Half Term
  • 9-24 April – Easter Holidays
  • Monday 2 May – Bank Holiday
  • 28 May – 5 June – Whitsun Half Term
  • Friday 24 June – Cluster Inset Day
  • Wednesday 20 July – Last day of the year
  • Thursday 21st July – Inset Day
  • Friday 22 July – This is the day we have decided to take as a Bank Holiday for the Jubilee – schools can choose their date, because the real Jubilee is during Whitsun half term.

There is a further Inset date to follow, once we have received the exam timetables from WJEC. These have not yet been published for 2022. We will publish a calendar for parents in September, in the hope that we will be able to follow it this year!

Welcoming Year 7

We are really looking forward to welcoming year 7 to Bro Edern in September. Mr Gary Ellis, our Head of Year 7, has been busy responding to parents who have enquired about their child’s class in September. He has now completed all his responses to parents. Should any further queries arise, he will try to deal with them next week. After that, he will not have access to his e-mail account until late August.

Our Year 7 Form Tutors for September are really looking forward to welcoming their new classes:

  • 7 Hafren 1 – Mr Robbie Donovan – English Teacher
  • 7 Hafren 2 – Miss Ela Rowlands – Geography Teacher
  • 7 Rhymni 1 – Miss Amy Nicholls – PE Teacher
  • 7 Rhymni 2 – Mr Dewi Thomas – Technology Teacher
  • 7 Taf 1 – Miss Grace Goode – Skills’ Teacher
  • 7 Taf 2 – Mrs Haf Matthews – Business Teacher

If anyone missed the meeting for year 6 parents – here is the recording. The Welsh version of the meeting is on the Welsh blog:

All important details for year 6 parents are on our transition website:

Year 7 Chromebooks

As many of you probably know, Bro Edern is a 1: 1 digital pioneer school, working with one device per pupil since 2013. We expect the new year 7 Chromebooks to arrive from the county right at the beginning of September, therefore we are arranging an evening for parents to collect the Chromebooks on Thursday 9 September 2021. Once your child starts at Bro Edern, we will send out contracts for pupils and parents and you will need to contribute towards the insurance. You will receive the Chromebook free of charge, but you will need to pay £50 towards the insurance, as one payment or in instalments on ParentPay. This will be set up for you in September. You will not be able to collect the Chromebook unless all contracts have been completed, and the initial minimum payment of £10 has been paid. This year, parents will also need to bring a padded protective case to the meeting in order for the Chromebook to leave the premises. Pupils will have to carry the Chromebook around in this case at all times. Information about the exact size of the case needed will follow in September, once we see the actual size and model of this year’s Chromebooks.

If new parents are not familiar with Bro Edern’s digital work, here is the good practice report following Estyn’s visit in 2017:

And here is the report that appeared in the Western Mail, following our appearance on the #EdTech50 list of schools who make the best use of technology across the UK:

Our COVID-19 Arrangements for September

Thank you very much for helping us to ensure that our pupils followed all COVID rules this year; we really appreciate the co-operation of all pupils in following the rules. There has been a lot of talk about relaxing COVID rules in Wales lately. However, in practice, there is not much change planned for schools for September. The main change is that there will be no need to wear a mask at all times in lessons.

In effect, the new Welsh Government guidance brings us to what we have been doing all year at Bro Edern, namely measuring and tracking contacts rather than sending everyone in a class or bubble home.

If a pupil tests positive for COVID-19, according to the initial September guidelines, the pupil’s close contacts will still have to self-isolate. The 2m stick of doom will therefore continue to be used in the new year to track pupils’ contacts. This means that it will continue to be very important that pupils follow seating plans in their lessons.

Seating Plans

We will keep a record of all seating plans on ClassCharts once again in September. In line with government guidelines, all chairs will face the same way. There will be at least 2m between the teacher’s desk and the pupils. When arriving at a lesson, pupils will disinfect their hands. Pupils are welcome to bring their own bottle of sanitiser, if they wish. Similarly, in order to try and reduce the spread of the virus it will be necessary to continue with the process of hand washing after arriving at school in the morning, and regular hand disinfection during the day.


All schools still have a responsibility to try and reduce the spread of the virus. Because of this, at the end of lessons, pupils will continue to assist their teachers by being involved in the process of disinfecting the chair and table where they have been sitting during the lesson. These are the guidelines for pupils who change classes between lessons.


We will continue to use specific toilets for specific years. There will be clear signs on the doors so that pupils understand where they need to go.

One way system

The one way system around the school will continue in order to reduce congestion within the building. Pupils will no longer need to wear a mask at all times in lessons. However, pupils will still need to wear masks on the corridors, when queuing in the canteen, and if they are within 2 metres of a member of staff. Staff will also wear a mask if they come to assist a pupil or are within 2 metres of a pupil.

Beginning and end of the school day

There will be no changes to the beginning and end of the day as many of our pupils travel by bus. The school will be open from 7:00am every morning and your child, if s/he does not catch a school bus, can arrive at Bro Edern at any time after 7:00am.

We expect more new guidance in September and will update you at that time.


Government guidelines continue to emphasise that pupils are not allowed to share any equipment which has not been sanitised. This means that it is essential that your child brings a pencil case to school every day. Currently, it would also be helpful if they had a PrittStick or similar. The list of things needed in the pencil case is here:

PE Lessons

The health and wellbeing of our pupils is important to us, and keeping them fit is a priority for our PE Department. We will continue with the same routine next year as the changing rooms will still be out of bounds. On a normal day, pupils will need to wear full school uniform, including school jumpers and black leather school shoes. However, if there is a PE lesson that day, then the pupils will need to arrive in the school’s official PE kit. Most lessons will be outdoors, so a school extra-curricular hoodie would be a good idea. Pupils will need to remember to bring a roll-on deodorant with them for the end of PE lessons. *****Please remember that aerosol deodorants are banned on school premises, in order to protect the health of everyone on site. Remember to pack a roll-on deodorant in the bag. Any aerosol on the school site will be confiscated.


We take pride in our great school uniform, which can look so smart. However, over the last few weeks before the summer, some pupils have looked messy as they are wearing half school uniform and half PE kit. One or the other, please, depending on the PE timetable. Joggers or leggings and trainers are not permitted with the top of the school uniform.

Complete school uniform


Complete school PE Kit (PE lesson days only)

We also do not allow tops such as hoodies, gilets, various expensive branded sports tops and other jumpers. Pupils need a school jumper. Also, a coat needs to be a coat. Something in cotton jersey is not a coat, anything resembling a shellsuit is not a coat and anything without sleeves is certainly not a coat. As they are not coats, they are not allowed in school.

We would also like to remind you that rings, bangles or necklaces are not allowed. We permit one pair of earrings, in gold or silver, exactly as shown in the photo below. We also do not allow coloured nails nor false nails.

As shoe shops have now re-opened, there is an opportunity to make sure once again that everyone follows our rules on school shoes. Trainers are not allowed as part of the uniform, and shoes must be plain leather all over, or look like leather.

Suitable shoes:

These are not accepted:

Year 8 and 9 Sets

If your child was in years 7 and 8 this year, you should have received a letter by text this week, outlining the setting arrangements for next year. Pupils have received their timetable at the end of term, so things should be clearer for you now.


In September, the canteen will be open between 8:00 and 8:30am for breakfast and then again at lunchtime. At present, the canteen cannot open at break time. Please note that the canteen is cashless – everyone pays by thumb print. Parents pay for meals in advance through ParentPay and pupils are not allowed to get into debt. If there is not enough money on the account, then your child will not be fed. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for the money to settle on a ParentPay account, so we suggest parents set themselves a weekly alarm on their phone on Saturdays so that the money has enough time to get to the account. The canteen is run by the county as a business. It is not run by the school.

Here’s an idea of the kind of foods available at breakfast time in September:

  • Toast 37p
  • Crumpet 37p
  • Bagel 81p
  • Jam 17p
  • Fruit – Apple / Orange 40p
  • Juice in a carton 69p
  • Bottle of water 83p

At lunchtime, the meal of the day costs £3.05 and this includes a drink. Also there are other foods available, apart from the meal of the day e.g. pasta pots, pizza, panini, baked potatoes etc for various prices.

Free School Meals

If your child is entitled to free school meals, they will receive £3.05 a day automatically on their thumb account. This allows them to have the Meal of the Day, or something else of their choice.

From September, there is a new arrangement for year 7 pupils only, as they transfer from a primary school situation where they had access to a free Breakfast Club. Year 7 pupils claiming free school meals will receive £1 on their account to spend on breakfast between 8 and 8:30am. The £1 has to be spent on breakfast and disappears from the account at the end of the breakfast period – it won’t be available to spend later in the day. If your child is late for whatever reason, unfortunately they will not be able to receive their free breakfast. If your child would like to spend more than £1 at breakfast, then they may spend part of their lunch money on their breakfast. However, that means they will not have enough money to have the official Meal of the Day at lunchtime, and will need to choose something cheaper.

To summarise – year 7 only – £1 plus lunch money can be used at breakfast – breakfast money CANNOT be used at lunch.

If you are currently not in receipt of free school meals, but are entitled to them, you must apply to the county:


Due to the continued social distancing rules for schools, pupils will still need different lunchtimes, in order to reduce the numbers wandering the site and going to the canteen. The intention, therefore, is to continue to split lesson 4, with pupils in years 8 and 9 following the daily pattern 1, 2, 3, lunch, 4, 5, 6. Their lunch will be at 11:53am. Year 7, 10 and 11 pupils will follow the pattern 1, 2, 3, 4, lunch, 5, 6, so their lunch will be at 12:46pm.

Pupils who bring a packed lunch will continue to eat straight away in their lesson 4 classroom with their lesson 4 teacher and will not join the canteen queue. Food cannot leave the designated classroom nor the canteen. Canteen food must be eaten in the canteen and sandwiches and packed lunches from home must be eaten in the appropriate classrooms. Groups of canteen / sandwich friends may not eat together, but can meet up straight afterwards. It is essential that pupils do not eat while wandering – we will face problems with rats, seagulls and foxes!

Homework Club

The Homework Club will continue in September, but due to the current need to keep year groups apart, pupils can only attend the club one night a week.

  • Year 7 Monday until 5pm
  • Year 8 Tuesday until 5pm
  • Year 9 Wednesday until 5pm
  • Year 10 Thursday until 5pm
  • Year 11 Friday until 4:30pm

The Homework Club is supervised by our Learning Coaches and pupils who attend have full access to the school network.

Extra curricular activities

Extra-curricular activities will resume in September, but once again we will need to keep pupils from different year groups apart. Details to follow in September.


The same buses will continue next year: 810, 811, 812 and 815. The route for the 815 has been extended and this should really help pupils who live in and around Glan Morfa’s catchment area.

Here’s the exact message we received from the county about the 815:

It will pick up on South Park Road by Grosvenor Square bus stop and then up Muirton Road, Tweedsmuir Road and Pengam Road to Rover Way picking up at local bus stops on the way. It will then stop picking up pupils as it travels to St Mellons to pick up pupils. The section of the route marked with a dotted line will not officially be picking up pupils. NAT haven’t finalised the pick up times yet so I don’t know what time pick up in Splott and Tremorfa will be just yet but it will be approx. 20 minutes before St Mellons so about 7:20am would be a good guesstimate.

Her yr Haf

Once again this year we will be holding Her yr Haf, our annual reading competition. Lots of pupils really enjoyed this challenge last year, winning Joe’s vouchers to spend on ice cream. As your child completes their latest book, we ask you to note the details here, in order to keep track:

Year 6 pupils also have a chart to fill in and their form tutors are really looking forward to collecting these on their first day of term in September – please remember to pack them on the first Friday! If you have already lost the chart or it has not surfaced from your child’s bag, here is a copy for you to see:

Remember to tweet a photo of your reading books to @BroEdern with the hashtag #HerYrHafBE … #joio 

Cardiff libraries have a fantastic collection of books in Welsh and English and also eBooks which can be used online. Using a library is free of charge, once you have registered.All details about Cardiff libraries are available here – please note there are specific COVID rulings including pre-booking a slot to visit:

Siop Cant a Mil

If you would like to buy some Welsh language books, please remember the extensive collection at Cant a Mil, 100 Whitchurch Road. They are not open on Sundays nor Mondays, but every other day they are open from 9:30am to 5:30pm. Their website is their number is 029 2021 2474 or you can e-mail

Our #HerYrHafBE winners last year were Leisa and Elin – here they are with their vouchers!

Antur i Amlwch 

Since Wednesday, our Antur i Amlwch walking / running / cycling challenge is officially over, but you as families are clearly welcome to continue over the summer if you have not yet finished the distance. You will remember that the task was to complete the 282km or 175 miles to Amlwch since Easter.

We would now like to see who has completed the challenge in order to congratulate them in September. Many staff are planning to finish the mileage over the summer due to the time-consuming assessments. Once your child has completed the km or miles please fill in this simple form and send it back to us:

We gather that Steffan King from 7Hafren2 has completed 1,030 miles on his bike as part of the challenge – he has reached Amlwch several times! I wonder if anyone, including our PE staff, has covered a similar distance? Huge congratulations to Steffan on his achievement – llongyfarchiadau mawr!

Old uniform and boots

When buying new uniform or rugby boots over the summer, please do not throw away the old ones. The Cyfeillion (PTA) collect second-hand uniform – please send any old uniform via your child to Mrs Frost or leave it at reception. The PE Department also collects old rugby / football boots. Please send them in to Mr Milsom in September. 

Staffing Changes

There are not many staffing changes this year, but we would like to thank some members of staff who are leaving.

Miss Jane Davies from our office is retiring this summer. Jane joined us in September 2013 and she has been an integral part of Bro Edern’s growth since we reached our permanent site. We are very grateful for everything that she has done on behalf of the Bro Edern family over the years. Happy retirement!

Mr Gruffydd Davies (Maths) is returning to his roots, so we wish him well at Ysgol Gyfun Llangynwyd. Mrs Victoria Edwards (Maths and Humanities), who has been here on a one-year contract, is returning to acting, so we hope to see her back on S4C and on stage soon, and on supply at Bro Edern when she’s not acting. Miss Megan Sawyer from the office is moving on to work with Legal and General – we must thank her for dealing with a number of key issues recently, including the LFT blue boxes! Mr Harri Jones, who has been covering in the Science Department, is returning to his medical studies. Good luck to them all.

Some of our ALN assistants are also leaving us. Iwan James and Ieuan Priday, both former pupils, have completed their gap year and are now off to university. Thanks to both for spending an additional year at Bro Edern, helping us. Suan John and Tom Ellis also leave us after a period of working closely with some of the Cwtsh pupils. Thank you all.

We look forward to welcoming some new staff members in September:

  • Esther Jenkins (Maths)
  • Amy Matthews (Maths)
  • Dylan Morgan (Rugby Officer)
  • Gwen Hern (Office)
  • Siân Davies will move from reception to start her duties as our Attendance Officer.

Gŵyl yr Haf – Our Summer Festival

Despite everything thrown at us over the last week, we still managed to host a virtual Eisteddfod and our Mabolgampau (Sports’ Day) in bubbles, giving our pupils some great experiences.

Mabolgampau Results:

  • 🥇1st 🔴 Rhymni 396
  • 🥈2nd 🟢 Hafren 376
  • 🥉3rd 🔵 Taf 349

Several pupils played a starring role during the week, but Mathew Thomas was the athlete who scored the most mabolgampau points, with 36 individual points for Hafren! Ardderchog Mathew!


Thanks to everyone who competed in our virtual Eisteddfod. Those pupils who completed numerous homework tasks have once again made the difference to the house points. A school Eisteddfod is always won and lost with the homework competitions!

Eisteddfod Final Result:

  • 🥇1st 🟢 Hafren 1171
  • 🥈2nd 🔵 Taf 1165
  • 🥉3rd 🔴 Rhymni 873

This week it was great to see someone sitting once again in our beautiful Eisteddfod chair, designed and made during the first lockdown by Mrs Bethan Frost, and using the flow of the river Rhymney, which flows locally into the sea, as her inspiration. Congratulations to Martha Isaac of year 10 on her achievement! In the English Prize, Laani-Bleu Mann from year 12 was the winner, so many congratulations to her too on some fantastic praise for her work.

You can catch up with the week’s Eisteddfod activity by watching this series of videos:

After you have listened to the above adjudications, please make sure you listen to Jake Collins from year 12 with his winning performance for the Music Prize. His piano playing is truly great:

And here are the final results, as announced to pupils on Friday:

Therefore, we now have final results, with the Eisteddfod and Mabolgampau scores combined:

  • 🥇1st 🟢 Hafren 1547
  • 🥈2nd 🔵 Taf 1514
  • 🥉3rd 🔴 Rhymni 1269

Euros Results

After Poland, or 8Taf1, won the year 8 Euros last week, it was Year 7’s turn this week. Despite the fact that Wales or 7Hafren2, reached the Year 7 Euros final here at Bro Edern, the result was the same as the real Euros, with Italy winning. No extra time nor penalty kicks were needed here at Bro Edern, because, Italy or 7 Rhymni2 won 3-1. As you can see, the Bro Edern Azzurri wear red, the colour of Rhymni, with Wales in green, Hafren’s colour. Llongyfarchiadau!

F1 Results

There has been a lot of excitement in the Technology Block recently, with our F1 teams racing their cars in the Welsh final of the F1 schools’ competition. Huge congratulations to the three teams and their teacher Mr Dewi Thomas. It has meant a lot of planning, but all three teams from Bro Edern have reached the UK final in the new academic year.

If you have an hour and a half to spare, the official coverage of the competition is really great:

The Bro Edern highlights in the above video:

  • 6’00″ introduction to all teams
  • 44’30” our teams, Imperium and Hypernova race against each other
  • 1:26’00” our team Astra races

Election of Head Prefects

Following our recent election, we are pleased to announce that our Head Prefects for the coming year are Gwion Rhisiart, Molly Spivey and Rhys Thomas. Their deputies will be Glesni Beasley and Laani-Bleu Mann. Thanks to them all in advance for their work in supporting all sorts of activities here at Bro Edern.

Contacting us

With everyone changing year group, this is a chance to remind you of how to contact your child’s new Head of Year. Every address at Bro Edern ends with

  • Blwyddyn 7 – Mr Gary Ellis – GEllis@
  • Blwyddyn 8 – Mr Kerry Lerwill – KLerwill@
  • Blwyddyn 9 – Mr Steffan Jones – SJones@
  • Blwyddyn 10 – Mrs Lowri Loader – LLoader@
  • Blwyddyn 11 – Miss Bethan Yapp – BYapp@
  • Blwyddyn 12 a 13 – Miss Nia Land – NLand@
  • General enquiries – post@


Thank you for all your patience in reading yet another long blog, but I’m sure you all agree that a lot has happened recently at Bro Edern, and that it is important that our plans for September are clear to everyone. Thanks again for your unconditional support over a year which has been extremely challenging for us as a school, and for you as families.

We look forward to welcoming Bro Edern pupils back to school in September and seeing them benefit fully from every opportunity to succeed with the great education we as a school have to offer them.

Best wishes over the summer – enjoy the sun while it’s here!

Iwan Pritchard

Cyhoeddwyd gan Ceri Anwen James

Athrawes Ieithoedd Modern sy'n Bennaeth Cynorthwyol yn Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern.

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