10 July 2021

Hello Everyone

How are you? I hope that everyone is well. Another busy week has flown by! Thank goodness, there is only one week left of this school year. We might as well admit that we have all had enough by now! Here is the latest from Bro Edern…

Positive Cases

As you probably know, we have had to send several groups of pupils home over the last week and a half. Unfortunately, I have spent a lot of time with the 2m stick of doom this week.

Here are the details: 

End of last week – year 8 pupil positive, so a number of pupils from her lessons had to isolate.

Monday – year 12 pupil tested positive, but no need for anyone to isolate as she was already away from school.

Monday – 2 year 8 pupils tested positive, but no need for anyone to isolate as they were already away from school.

Tuesday – year 7 pupil tested positive, so a number of pupils from his lessons, as well as the ground floor of the 812 bus, needed to isolate.

Wednesday – we heard that a year 10 pupil was positive, after developing symptoms on Sunday evening. There were more than 48 hours since the last contact, so no need for anyone to isolate. The 48 hours took us back to Friday evening.

Thursday – a year 7 pupil, who had been sent home on Tuesday, tested positive after showing symptoms immediately after returning home, so the year 7 pupil group from Tuesday now all need to isolate for an extra day, and an additional 7 pupils from year 7 also need to isolate because they are all contacts of the second pupil.

Thursday – year 10 pupil tested positive, so a number of pupils from her lessons have to isolate.

Friday – we heard at 8pm on Thursday night that the authorities do not accept our calculations, where we counted back 48 hours exactly in the Wednesday case, therefore the pupil’s contacts from Friday 2 July now need to isolate – so these pupils were sent home first thing on Friday morning. These are both lesson contacts and the ground floor of the 810 bus. A week has already passed, therefore there are only 3 days of isolation left.

I would like to sincerely thank all the parents who have received the news with such grace and collected their children immediately from school throughout the week. You have made things so much easier for us.


If your child shows any COVID-19 symptoms during this forthcoming week, would you please keep them away from school and arrange an immediate test at Cardiff City Stadium for them? Numbers are rising rapidly in Cardiff and beyond, and we all have a duty to keep everyone safe. It is still possible to be very ill, despite the fact that many people are now double jabbed. If in doubt – get tested. All details are here:

Welsh Government Website

Lateral Flow Tests

Please remember to continue doing these tests twice a week with your child next week, and again before returning in September. If you need more tests, Miss Sawyer has a stock of blue boxes in the main office (not in reception).

Arrangements for the last week of term

Our final week is on the horizon, and we originally had all sorts of plans. However, we have decided to cancel these activities in order to keep the pupils safe in their bubbles and in their normal seating plans. This is in order to try to protect everyone and try to safeguard the Bro Edern family summer holidays. Also, the weather doesn’t look too great for Monday! The term ends on Friday 16 July – the two days the following week are Inset Days which staff did last September and October as four twilight sessions.

In the end, we decided that the only activity to take place will be our Mabolgampau (Sports Day). Fresh air will benefit everyone next week! The sports will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday on our fields, with one year group at a time, in our class bubbles. It will not be possible for parents to attend due to COVID rules. Each year group will have either a morning or an afternoon of sports on one of the days. EVERYONE needs to come to school in PE kit on both Tuesday and Wednesday, but everyone also needs books and equipment for every lesson. Also, please remember to pack a roll on deodorant in the bag! Aerosols are banned in Bro Edern. Pupils can either wear the Bro Edern official PE top, or the colour of their school house: Green = Hafren, Red = Rhymni, Blue = Taf.

Here are the things you and your child need to know about the mabolgampau:

  • The activities will be run as a regular PE lesson. This is not the Olympics!
  • Everyone will compete in every activity, just as in normal PE lessons.
  • Pupils will rotate around different activities in their bubbles.
  • There will be 8 groups in each year (4 groups of girls / 4 groups of boys), in different areas during the day e.g. group 1 high jump, group 2 javelin etc.
  • The boys and girls will be separate when competing.
  • No-one will watch pupils compete, apart from the small group of pupils in each group – groups will be small and each pupil will be with friends. In this regard, this will be like the 2021 Tokyo Olympics – no spectators!
  • Pupils do not need to be competitive within their groups. Any future Colin Jacksons are clearly welcome to go for gold, but for everyone else, it’s the taking part that’s important.
  • All pupils earn house points for taking part.
  • It’s the participation and effort that matters – and #joio

Eisteddfod Results

During the coming week, we are really looking forward to hearing who has won the various Eisteddfod competitions. These will be announced to pupils during the week, and you as parents will be able to keep an eye on our @BroEdern tweets.

Next Week’s Lessons

During the other days next week, there will be normal lessons, and live lessons for the pupils at home. Thank you for your patience with the live lessons this week – many staff have been isolating, because they have received a ping on the app, which means that many supply teachers have been at school instead. Many staff have also been involved in the two transition days, when all year 6 pupils in the cluster came to school on Wednesday and Thursday. We have tried to provide as many live lessons as possible this week, but it has been difficult!

Year 12 Arrangements

Year 12’s time at Bro Edern is coming to an end for this year, but there is one very important week left. Therefore, next week year 12 will follow a slightly different timetable from usual. Many of the meetings are with external visitors, so Miss Land reminds everyone that the camera will need to be kept on throughout every presentation. Miss Land would also like to remind everyone that it is ESSENTIAL that EVERYONE reads ALL emails regularly. This is the main way of communicating information between Miss Land and the Sixth Form.

Monday – online from home

9am – University of South Wales online presentation to help students further with UCAS / Personal Statement. Students have already received a lot of support to help them write their personal statement via e-mail and Google Classroom. Students have also received a video that takes them through the process of how to start the application form. There is also a special ‘buzzword’ shared with everyone that will ensure that all forms are linked to the school’s UCAS account. All the above information has been e-mailed to year 12 over the last few weeks.

11am – An online presentation by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol (Welsh National College) which will contain important information for everyone.

Miss Land will share the Google Meet links with the year group by e-mail on Monday morning. After the second meeting, everyone will be able to continue their UCAS work for the rest of the day.

Tuesday – online from home

9am – Assembly held by Mr Alan Williams. The rest of the day – continuing with UCAS work.

Some select pupils will come to school to complete their Bac work by 11am. These arrangements will be made with the relevant families on Monday.

Wednesday – in school

Normal lessons for year 12.

Thursday – need to come to school by 11:45am 

UNDOD training for all at 11:45 sharp in the Lolfa – Miss Land will register everyone.

Friday – at home

A day of reading / research / continuing with UCAS / #joio

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Mr Cai Milsom takes over responsibility for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in the new academic year, as part of his new role as our Extra Curricular Co-ordinator.

Two important messages today:

Pupils who have already registered, paid and started the award – all activitiy will resume in the autumn, under the supervision of Mr Milsom. Any queries should be directed to him.

Year 9 pupils – anyone who would like to embark on the award in the new year needs to complete the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award application form by Tuesday 13th July. The pupils have heard all the details in school and everything is on their Google Classroom. Any queries should be sent to Mr Milsom.


There will be another blog before the summer holidays, but here are some headline details for next year:

  • Thursday 2 September – Inset Day
  • Friday 3 September – Years 7 and 12 return to school
  • Monday 6 September – Everyone returns to school
  • Thursday 23 September – Year 13 Parents’ Evening
  • Friday 24 September – Colorfoto photoshoot
  • 23-31 October – Half Term
  • Monday 6th December – Cluster Inset Day
  • Friday 17 December – Last day before Christmas


  • Monday 3 January – Bank Holiday
  • Tuesday 4 January – Inset Day
  • Wednesday 5 January – First day back for everyone after Christmas
  • 19-27 February – Half Term
  • 9-24 April – Easter Holidays
  • Monday 2 May – Bank Holiday
  • 28 May – 5 June – Whitsun Half Term
  • Friday 24 June – Cluster Inset Day
  • Wednesday 20 July – Last day of the year
  • Thursday 21st July – Inset Day
  • Friday 22 July – This is the day we have decided to take as a Bank Holiday for the Jubilee – schools can choose their date, because the real Jubilee is during Whitsun half term.

There is a further Inset date to follow, once we have received the exam timetables from WJEC. These have not yet been published for 2022.


Thanks to everyone who supported the Transition activities this week. I understand that the year 6 pupils had two enjoyable days at Bro Edern. We look forward to welcoming them properly to Bro Edern in September.

Hopefully year 6 parents found the parents meeting useful on Thursday night. A copy of the meeting slides can be found on our Transition website:


If you have children in year 5, please remember that there is an online information meeting about Bro Edern for year 5 parents this Monday, the 12th at 5:30 pm in Welsh: https://bit.ly/3xpzqox and at 6:30 pm English: https://bit.ly/36m4ytg

Bro Edern Euros

Huge congratulations to Poland, aka 8Taf1 on winning the Bro Edern Year 8 Euros. In the final they beat Croatia, aka 8Taf2. Many pupils have been taking part in this popular competition for the last few weeks during the lunch hour. Next week we are looking forward to the year 7 final. At least Wales will feature in our final!

Here are the year 8 champions, Poland aka 8Taf1:

Year 7 Language Project

You may remember that our year 7 pupils have been invited to be part of an exciting project with Cardiff University, led by Mrs Tirion Jones in the English Department. This is the very last call for parental permission. Here is a copy of the letter again:


The consent form in Welsh:

The consent form and a video explaining the project in English:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScQngJKmcL1xaccB1kSSgp2mPwaVE6BRq25xkAU4VcG3sXRsA/viewform

The Cyfeillion and their Swap Siop

Many thanks to the Cyfeillion (PTA) who have been busy setting up our popular second hand uniform Swap Siop. There has been a lot of demand – hence Mrs Frost’s appeal – if you have any old uniform at home, would you please clear it all out this weekend? Please send in any uniform via your child, or drop anything off in reception. In particular the Shop Swap lacks year 7-9 polo shirts (the green ones), school jumpers and extra-curricular hoodies.

The last Cyfeillion meeting of the year takes place this Monday at 6pm – all welcome! Here are the details to join the meeting virtually:


Meeting ID: 771 3744 7765
Passcode: zNm2Tf

Over £500 has now been raised by Bro Edern parents on behalf of the Cyfeillion, using the EasyFundraising app. Please remember to use this handy little app every time you shop online, and thanks to everyone who already does. It costs you nothing!

Please remember the Cyfeillion Twitter account. You can follow their tweets here: @CyfeillionBroEd 

That’s it for today. Another blog will be out for the end of term, with further details about summer activities, official results and more arrangements for September.

Thanks to you all, as usual, for your continued support for Bro Edern.

Best wishes

Iwan Pritchard

Cyhoeddwyd gan Ceri Anwen James

Athrawes Ieithoedd Modern sy'n Bennaeth Cynorthwyol yn Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern.

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