Whitsun Half Term

Hello Everyone

How are you? I hope that you are all well. Another half term is over as we all look forward to a week’s holiday. There hasn’t been a blog for a few weeks as everyone here has been so busy. Today’s blog is long – thank you in advance for your time and patience! There is a podcast version of the blog – click on the Spotify link at the top of the page if you prefer to listen. It has been a very busy time for years 11, 12 and 13 and their teachers, but all the assessments are now over and the pupils, at least, have the opportunity to relax. Our pupils are to be commended for responding so well to the assessments – it has been a challenging time, but the pupils have taken everything in their stride and we now hope that they will get the grades that they deserve once all marking, standardisation, moderation and grading has been completed.

Inset Day

Please remember that the first day after half term, Monday 7 June, is an Inset Day. During this day all staff will be working in their departments marking, standardising, moderating and grading the work of years 11, 12 and 13. We also need to complete a mountain of paperwork to accompany our findings. This is our last mid-term Inset Day for this year. We all finish for the summer on Friday 16 July, as the last Monday and Tuesday have already been completed as 4 twilight evenings last September and October.

Year 13

Our year 13 pupils’ time at Bro Edern has come to an end, and we were delighted to see them back in school yesterday for their very last assembly with Miss Land. They are a great cohort of pupils who have made an invaluable contribution during their time at Bro Edern. We are just sorry that their time in the Sixth Form has been interrupted so badly. They will be sadly missed.

Here is our staff video for year 13, with some familiar faces that we haven’t seen for a year or two:

We have really enjoyed seeing the video that year 13 have put together to celebrate their time with us – thanks very much for the hard work and unique humour:

Although they won’t be official Bro Edern pupils for much longer, year 13 have played an important role as part of the Bro Edern Family and it is important that they stay in touch with us, especially if they need our help.

Enjoy the last day photos:

Student Finance

We have received these presentations from Bangor University, which explain many important aspects of student finance. We recommend that all year 12 and 13 parents read them carefully.

Welsh version:
English version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v242G67hqB5nYw9smmVnCrZ8CKt2r89W/view?usp=sharing

CACHE Pupils

All lessons and placement arrangements continue for years 12 and 13 until they finish this popular childcare course and qualification. Miss Land and Miss Alice James will be organising a celebration for year 13 CACHE pupils at the end of the course. Their hard work and dedication to the course must be commended.

Year 12

Year 12 pupils have also been working very hard for their AS assessments and we hope that their hard work will provide the foundations for their final year at Bro Edern. Congratulations to year 12 for their work ethic and positive attitude over the last half term.

Year 12 will return to school to start their year 13 lessons in the second week after half term, which is Monday 14 June, and week 1 on the timetable.

Partnership lessons will also resume in the other schools, with taxis scheduled for weeks 2, 3 and 5 of next half term.

On Wednesday 16 June, Miss Land has arranged for all year 12 pupils to attend the University and Apprenticeship UK Fair. Inevitably, it will be online, so this means that pupils will need to stay at home for the day in order to attend university-based sessions that interest them personally. This will enable everyone in year 12 to start researching for their UCAS form and finalise their choice of 5 courses in order to begin drafting their UCAS personal statement before the summer. There will be discussions and presentations from various universities about the UCAS process in assemblies between now and the summer, therefore it is essential that everyone attends these.

Year 12 Work Experience

During week 4 after half term, which is the week beginning 28 June, everyone from year 12 will go on work experience for a week. The pupils have known this for some time and should have arranged placements by now. When they return to school on 14/6, Miss Land will gather all the information about the work experience placements so that the school can arrange staff visits during the week. Pupils don’t have to do a whole week at one location. 5 days can be arranged at 5 different locations to provide a range of experiences, if that is a more practical solution. Work experience placements should be linked to future plans. Pupils cannot work extra shifts at McDonalds, Costa etc. If there is any problem with arranging placements, please contact Miss Land.

Miss Land often e-mails important information to our Sixth Formers, therefore it is essential that they check their school e-mail account regularly.

Year 11

I would also like to congratulate year 11 on their positive attitude towards the recent assessments. The pupils who come to the canteen daily have been in high spirits and I know that many of them have been working very hard preparing for their assessments. Year 11 lessons have also come to an end with the end of the assessments and I would like to thank Mr Voyle for the farewell assembly arranged for year 11. It was great to see all the old photos of the pupils at different stages of their journey through Bro Edern.

Year 11 parents – please read the message further down in the blog about our new Bro Edern uniform swap shop, before you decide to throw your child’s uniform!

Year 11 Option Columns for the Sixth Form

The school’s option columns have been ready for some time, but we wanted to prioritise the assessments so that pupils could focus fully on year 11 before starting to think about options for next year.

Here are our option columns: 

Sixth Form Taster Lessons

Sixth Form taster lessons have been arranged for year 11, and all the arrangements are here in one place. There is a week of taster lessons (from 28 June onwards) for all the courses taught at Bro Edern. The partnership courses taught at Plasmawr and Glantaf can be attended on the previous Friday which is 25 June.

Friday 25 June – Partnership Courses

Sixth Form partnership taster sessions for courses held in Plasmawr and Glantaf will be held online on Microsoft Teams. The links for the sessions will follow.

Partnership Courses held in Plasmawr:

  • Music Technology
  • Spanish
  • Public Services
  • IT
  • Art: Graphics

Partnership Courses held in Glantaf:

  • Music
  • Tourism
  • Politics

28 June onwards: Bro Edern Sixth Form Taster Week for Year 11

A whole week of lessons will be held at Bro Edern so that year 11 pupils can experiment with different combinations of subjects taught at Bro Edern, use the Sixth Form Lounge and our gym. The lessons will take place in real classes with Bro Edern staff and there will be one day for each option column.

Here you can see the full details of which lessons are held when:

If you have any further queries, please contact Miss Land.


We can confirm that the provisional results for our pupils (those published by the school) will be announced in mid June. The final results will be announced on 10 August (Sixth Form) and 12 August (year 11). It is anticipated that the provisional results will be exactly the same as the final results for the vast majority of pupils in Wales. The final results will only differ if the grade has been reviewed and changed by the examination boards. It is anticipated that these cases will be very rare across Wales.

Pupils will need to come to school in order to collect their results.

Here are the arrangements:

  • Year 13: Tuesday 15 June 9 – 10am
  • Year 12: Tuesday 15 June 10 – 11am
  • Year 11: Wednesday 16 June 9 – 10:30am 

On Thursday 17 June there will be a support clinic for any pupils who need advice about their next steps.

Timetable for Years 7,8,9,10 and 12

On Monday 21 June, the whole school will be moving to a new timetable, as year 9 pupils begin their brand new GCSE courses and have a taste of life in year 10 before the summer. This is later than usual as we have had to focus on the year 11, 12 and 13 internal assessments this year. The new timetable will appear on ClassCharts. As ever, if you have any problem with your ClassCharts login, please contact Mr Ellis.

Lunchtime for Years 7,8,9,10

Since Wednesday, we have changed our lunchtime routine, as year 11 assessments came to an end. Because of the COVID-19 regulations, it is still impossible for everyone to have lunch at the same time.

Under our new arrangements, the year 7 lunchtime has changed, so that they only have 2 lessons in the afternoon for the rest of the term.

  • 11:53am lunchtime for years 8 and 9 – order of lessons: 1,2,3 lunch 4,5,6
  • 12:46pm lunchtime for years 7 and 10 – order of lessons: 1,2,3,4 lunch 5,6

Canteen Debts

Please would you ensure that your child’s lunch account is not in debt on ParentPay? Somehow, some accounts have managed to slide into debt, including some year 11 and 13 pupils. Would you please clear the debt as soon as possible?

I’m sure that you have also noticed that the price of the Meal of the Day (which includes a drink) has increased since 3 May.

  • Primary £2.60
  • Secondary £3.05

Free School Meals and Help to Buy Uniform

Families on low incomes across Cardiff are being encouraged to check whether they are eligible to claim Free School Meals for their children.

With many families facing difficulties and money worries due to the continued impact of the pandemic on people’s employment and incomes, the Council is keen to ensure that everyone who is entitled to receive support does get the help they need.

As well as Free School Meals, extra help is now also available for families to buy school uniform with the Pupil Development Grant being extended to include more year groups than ever before.

Families with children in Reception, Year 1, Year 3, Year 5, Years 7 to 11 can apply for funding to help buy the kit they need for school. Families can claim £125 per child and £200 if their child is in Year 7. 

The extension to include more year groups is for this academic year only and parents have until June 30th2021 to apply. Only one grant per child per year is allowed so families who have already received funding for the current school year will not be able to claim again.

To check if you’re eligible for free school meals or the Pupil Development Grant, visit 


Do you think someone you know might be eligible or does your Council role bring you into contact with families who could use this extra support?Please encourage anyone who may be eligible to check out if they qualify. Please speak to the Advice Line on 029 2087 1071 for further information.

Lateral Flow Tests

Thank you as a family for continuing to use the lateral flow tests to protect everyone in the Bro Edern Family. The blue boxes with 3 tests have now run out, so the next boxes distributed will contain 7 tests, which will last 3 and a half weeks. This should be easier for everyone! The first boxes with 7 tests should have arrived home yesterday.

Cyfeillion Swap Shop

We are launching a ‘clothes swap shop’ at school to supply parents with second hand school uniform. I would like to thank Mrs Frost in the Technology Department for her enthusiasm with the Cyfeillion and for arranging this. Many of you as parents have raised the topic of annual textile waste. This is especially true this year. The school has been closed for such a long time, so some school uniform has hardly been worn and therefore looks brand new.

The Cyfeillion would therefore like to invite any parent with spare school uniform to deliver it via your child to Mrs Frost in T1 or to drop it off at reception. A group of parents will then wash each item and sort and pack it ready for a new home. The ‘swap shop’ will be open for pupils to collect at lunchtime on Wednesday each week or for parents to collect uniform after school on Wednesday from 3:40 until 4:30 pm. The stall will be located in the corridor outside T1. We do not charge for the uniform, but we do ask for a donation to the Cyfeillion to cover the costs of washing and and sorting the clothes. If you have nothing to exchange then don’t worry, as you are still more than welcome to collect uniform and make a donation to the Cyfeillion.

Our initial priority is to receive school jumpers, cardigans and polo shirts, or PE tops and hoodies. Once we have received a stock of clothing, the shop will be able to open in the second week after half term. Below is an order form to complete to facilitate the transfer of clothes to your child at lunchtime.

Order form: https://forms.gle/jkizUf5KXt2r2bgh9

School Uniform

The swap shop is a new venture in supporting Bro Edern families. Hopefully this should make it easier for everyone to attend school in the correct uniform at all times. Please remember that it’s either school uniform or PE kit – not half and half. PE kit may only be worn on PE days!

Recently we have collected quite a lot of jewellery from pupils, so I would like to remind you that rings / bracelets / necklaces etc are not allowed. Only one small pair of plain studs are allowed, one in each ear.

Boots for PE

Following the message about the new Swap Shop, the PE Department would also appreciate any rugby / football boots you no longer need – ones that are too small for your family members. They should be sent to school to Mr Milsom.


Please remember that we do not allow any fake nails or nail varnish. Please ensure that any signs of fancy nails disappear before returning to school after half term.

Mabolgampau – Sports’ Day

We had considered holding our Mabolgampau at Leckwith this year, but having read in detail all the latest COVID-19 guidelines for this type of event, unfortunately we have come to the decision that holding this type of event on this scale is not feasible this year.

Euros 2021

Soon, Wales will compete in the Euros at last, after the competition was cancelled last year. To celebrate the championship, we will be holding our version of the Euros at Bro Edern, with the various classes in years 7 and 8 representing the different countries in the competition. We will be holding the group games on the same day (or as close as possible) to the actual group games. We will draw names from a hat to see which registration classes are which countries.

In order to support Velindre Hospital’s “Wear Red for Wales” campaign, we will be wearing red to support Wales while raising money to beat cancer. We kindly ask our pupils to come to school in red on Friday 11 June, the first day of the Euros, ready to support Wales in their first match on Saturday against Switzerland. We are asking for a donation of £1 towards the Velindre campaign through ParentPay.


… that’s when good neighbours become good friends …

Unfortunately, the number of complaints I receive from our neighbours has increased dramatically. I think this is due to the fact that many parents are currently choosing to drive their children to school, rather than let their child travel on the bus. I’m sure that the recent rain also hasn’t helped. The combination of factors has significantly increased traffic levels in the area at the beginning and end of the school day. The main complaint is about parking, with parents constantly blocking driveways of nearby houses, especially while waiting to collect their children in the afternoon. Please ensure that you do not block any drives from now on.

Following discussions with some of the local residents, we have also received complaints about some pupils going into our neighbours’ gardens without reason and many complaints about pupils throwing litter, including directly into gardens . Apparently, numerous masks are discarded at the end of the day, just thrown onto the pavement or into gardens. This is just not acceptable. I would be very grateful if every parent could speak to their child about the fact that throwing litter is not acceptable in civilised society.

HPV Vaccinations

Correspondence and consent forms for HPV vaccinations have been sent to everyone in year 8, as well as a small number of year 9 and 10 pupils who have not previously received their HPV vaccinations. Pupils with completed consent forms will be vaccinated on 28 June in the gampfa. If you have not yet returned the consent form, it is needed urgently after half term. The health authority is awaiting the return of the forms so that they can order the exact number of vaccines. This was a paper form from the health authority – please contact the office if there is a problem or if your form is missing.

Year 7 Language Project

Our year 7 pupils have been invited to be part of an exciting project with Cardiff University, led by Mrs Tirion Jones in the English Department. A message from Mrs Jones has been sent to everyone by text message. Please ensure that you complete the consent form. As this is a university research project, the consent of all parents is required. If you do not consent, your child will still participate in the project and will need to do all the work, but the university will not be able to use your child’s work and data as evidence. Here is a copy of the letter again:


The consent form in Welsh:

The consent form and a video explaining the project in English: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScQngJKmcL1xaccB1kSSgp2mPwaVE6BRq25xkAU4VcG3sXRsA/viewform

Cluster Curriculum

Our work on the Curriculum for Wales for the Bro Edern Cluster is progressing well because we meet weekly with our primary colleagues. I would like to say a big thank you to the group of pupils from years 11, 12 and 13 who came into school on their first day of post-assessment freedom in order to be part of a working group discussing the Bro Edern Cluster’s plans for the Curriculum for Wales. There are many decisions to be made, and our pupils’ views and input were revealing and very helpful.

Antur i Amlwch

It’s great to hear about staff and pupil progress on their way to Amlwch. There are 7 weeks left to complete the 282km or 175 miles. With the weather improving, it should be much easier for us all to get out to complete the distance!

Simply put, this is our Antur i Amlwch:

  • walk, run or cycle 175 miles, 282 km or for 59 hours – choose ONE of these
  • finishes on the last Wednesday of term, which is 14 July
  • 🥇Gold Challenge: Individual pupil to complete the whole distance to Amlwch
  • 🥈Silver Challenge: 2 pupils or 2 family members share the distance, walking 30 mins each, per hour counted, and adding the time/distance together
  • 🥉Bronze Challenge: 3 pupils or 3 family members share the distance, walking 20 mins each, per hour counted, and adding time/distance together

Pupils can keep track of their distances on mobile phone apps such as Strava or Health, or fill in our special spreadsheet, day by day: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1taAduf2YZSkhF-s2I8RYWrWfkpHbnqBpp81wJz7c8ZA/copy

We have set Bro Edern up as a club on Strava. Pupils and parents can join with this link: https://www.strava.com/clubs/broedern Pupils need to be 13 to join Strava. We will expect that any group membership requests arrive because pupils have already had parental permission to join Strava in the first place.

Police Dogs

Two police dogs called Chester and Jake came to school recently to meet year 7 pupils and to help our pupils understand more about the role of dogs within South Wales Police. The dogs had a chance to explore the school and we look forward to seeing them back in Bro Edern soon.

Singing at Tafwyl

The virtual Tafwyl was a great success once again this year, and certainly one of the highlights was seeing pupils from schools across Cardiff perform with Welsh stars of the West End. Congratulations to Eiriana and Alys, who represented Bro Edern in the song ‘Sa neb fel ti (There’s Nobody Like You):



It’s about time that we rediscover our summer tunes, living in hope that the weather will improve. These should cheer up your half term:

Contacting Bro Edern

I would like to remind you that the school should be contacted via your child’s Head of Year. An increasing number of parents are phoning reception and asking to be transferred to speak directly to subject teachers. These teachers teach all day, so unfortunately they are not available, which is why the Head of Year is your first port of call. Please remember that Heads of Year also have a teaching timetable, so they are not always available to talk to parents. Because of this, the procedure here at Bro Edern is to e-mail the Head of Year. Thank you for your understanding with this. Here are the contact details for the summer term:

  • Blwyddyn 7: Mr Gary Ellis GEllis@ysgolbroedern.cardiff.sch.uk
  • Blwyddyn 8: Mr Kerry Lerwill KLerwill@ysgolbroedern.cardiff.sch.uk
  • Blwyddyn 9: Mr Steffan Jones SJones@ysgolbroedern.cardiff.sch.uk
  • Blwyddyn 10: Miss Bethan Yapp BYapp@ysgolbroedern.cardiff.sch.uk
  • Blwyddyn 11: Mr Huw Voyle HVoyle@ysgolbroedern.cardiff.sch.uk
  • Chweched: Miss Nia Land NLand@ysgolbroedern.cardiff.sch.uk

As you can see from all the updates, it has been a very busy time, and we are facing more of the same between now and summer. Once again, I would like to thank you for your continued support of everything we do at Bro Edern. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy some peace and quiet over the half term.

Best wishes

Iwan Pritchard

Cyhoeddwyd gan Ceri Anwen James

Athrawes Ieithoedd Modern sy'n Bennaeth Cynorthwyol yn Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern.

Gadael Ymateb

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