21 April 2021

Hello Everyone

I hope that you are all well. Here we go again, contacting you with the latest from Bro Edern, because these days so much happens and changes on a daily basis.

Important Dates

Inset Day Thursday 6 May – Election

Please remember that we have an Inset Day on election day, which is Thursday 6 May, so there will be no school for the pupils and staff will receive training on the arrangements for the forthcoming assessments for our school’s oldest children.

Inset Day Monday 7 June

Now that we have a clearer picture of everything that our staff are facing in terms of marking, standardising, moderating and grading the assessments, as well as all the administrative work that needs to be prepared for WJEC, we have decided that we will hold the last Inset Day on Monday 7 June, the first Monday after Whitsun. During that week we need to input the final grades for all year 11, 12 and 13 pupils, so this is the best time for us to hold the Inset Day. Pupils will return after Whitsun on Tuesday 8 June.

Year 11

Year 11 assessments are running smoothly, with the vast majority currently working very hard. I would like to remind you that attendance and punctuality are key because assessments are carried out every day. Re-arranging assessments is difficult because all pupils have a full timetable, which may mean lunchtime or after school assessments. Remember that all assessment details and dates are on your child’s ClassCharts app under ‘Homework’.

Year 11 lessons will continue until Whitsun, namely Friday 28 May, at which point we should have all necessary assessment evidence for WJEC. In the last week before Whitsun, we hope to hold a farewell assembly to say goodbye to the pupils properly.

Year 11 will return for a taster week for the Sixth Form, where they will have the opportunity to sample different A Level lessons and experience life as a Sixth Former, using the lounge, their own café and the gym. Our current intention is to hold this during the week commencing Monday 28 June. They will register their choice of subjects with us at the end of that week.

Year 12

Year 12 pupils have responded excellently to the assessments and the vast majority are working diligently. The pupils’ time in Year 12 comes to an end at Whitsun, on Friday 28 May, because by this point we should have all the necessary assessment evidence for WJEC. After the half term week, year 12 pupils will have an extra week’s holiday, before returning full time to follow their A Level courses on Monday 14 June. During the week commencing 28 June, we are freeing their timetable so that year 12 pupils have the opportunity to do a week’s work experience, and return the following week. Miss Land and Mrs Rhys-Roberts will be available over the next week to help pupils who are unable to arrange their own placement. The work experience is compulsory and must be aligned with future plans and university applications, so that the information can go on the UCAS forms. Pupils may not work daytime shifts in Costa and McDonalds etc during the work experience week.

Year 13

Year 13’s time in Bro Edern is drawing to a close, with the vast majority still working hard during this last lap. The time to make their final decisions about their university choices is approaching, and I would encourage them to discuss these decisions with Miss Land before finally clicking on the UCAS website.

As with other year groups, by Whitsun we should have all the relevant assessment evidence for WJEC, so year 13 lessons will also end on 28 May. We look forward to trying to plan a COVID-friendly send off for year 13 in the final week!

Final Assessment Policy

We are pleased to publish the final version of our assessment policy for year 11, 12 and 13 pupils and their parents. As I explained before Easter, we, like all other schools, needed to send our policy to WJEC for it to be verified. WJEC has now responded, so we can publish the final version. As the policy is now final, we have also translated it all into English:

Polisi Asesu Bro Edern – Cymraeg

Bro Edern Assessment Policy – English

These policies, as well as every subject-specific policy, can be seen on our 2021 Assessment website:


Extra Time

Please remember that some pupils are entitled to extra time. Would you check daily with your child that they are choosing to accept these arrangements? Some pupils refuse the extra time, although they are entitled to it. Around the time of the actual assessment is the time to discuss this. It will be too late when the results come. We want every pupil to have every opportunity to succeed. Please contact your child’s head of year if you have any concerns about this.

Year 11, 12 and 13 Results

As you know, the final results will be announced in August, but the “provisional” results for year 11, 12 and 13 pupils will be announced on Monday 14 June. The provisional results are the results that the school has input for WJEC. They are “provisional” until the final WJEC announcement in the summer. The arrangements are completely different this year, as pupils and parents can request a review of grades. Therefore, I would like to make parents clear of the timeline around the results:

  • 14 June – Grades shared with pupils – pupils will need to come to school to collect their results – times to be confirmed
  • 16 June – Closing date for pupils / parents to request a copy of the “Decision Making Record” from the school, in order to see how the school reached the final grade
  • 23 June – Closing date for pupils and parents to ask the school to review the grade in any subject
  • 29 June – All grade reviews reported back to families
  • 30 June – Bro Edern needs to input provisional grades in to WJEC results’ website

Lateral Flow Tests years 7,8,9

The government has now changed the procedures for Lateral Flow Tests, whereby all pupils, from year 7+ will now receive a supply of tests, not just year 10+ pupils. This is, again, part of the wider campaign to stop the spread of COVID-19. These tests are for pupils with no symptoms, in order to try and detect asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 in the community. This means that a blue box of tests will return home with year 7,8,9 pupils by the end of the week. We ask you to do the test with your child first thing on a Sunday morning, followed by another every Wednesday. Alternatively, you can choose Mondays and Thursdays.

Here is the permission form for these tests: https://forms.gle/FTLU9VRqymBFYN5J6
A form needs to be completed for each pupil – including if you do not grant permission – noting that you intend to return the box to school.

All the details of the tests, including videos and official documentation, can be seen on our previous blog, when years 10-13 received their boxes. Please read the details carefully:

The same procedures apply for year 7-13 pupils to receive further boxes of tests – they need to be collected from Miss Sawyer in the office (not reception). Please send your child there at break time. The office is by the canopy, opposite Caffi Ikea, and near Miss James’s office.

School Uniform

Every year between Easter and October half term, Bro Edern pupils are welcome to wear the official Bro Edern shorts available from YC Sports with the school logo on the leg. These are not the PE shorts, they are smart tailored shorts.

As you know, if your child has PE or training during the day, they come to school in the school’s official PE kit, as they cannot get changed. Please remember a roll on deodorant – we have confiscated several sprays from pupils this week because they endanger the health of other pupils, as noted in previous blogs. Also, please note that perfume sprays and aftershave are not allowed – some pupils are walking around with expensive glass bottles in their bags – this is an accident waiting to happen.

At the moment, some pupils look untidy because they are wearing half school uniform and half PE kit. One or the other, please, depending on the PE timetable. Joggers or leggings and trainers are not permitted with the top half of the school uniform.

Just school uniform


Just PE Kit

We also do not allow tops such as hoodies, gilets, various expensive branded sports tops and other jumpers. Pupils need a school jumper. Also, a coat needs to be a coat. Something in cotton jersey is not a coat, anything resembling a shellsuit is not a coat and anything without sleeves is certainly not a coat. As they are not coats, they are not allowed in school.

We would also like to remind you that rings, bangles or necklaces are not allowed. We permit one pair of earrings, in gold or silver, exactly as shown in the photo below. We also do not allow coloured nails nor false nails.

As shoe shops re-open, there is an opportunity to make sure once again that everyone follows our rules on school shoes. Trainers are not allowed as part of the uniform, and shoes must be leather all over, or look like leather.

Suitable shoes:

These are not accepted:

Leavers’ Hoodies for Years 11 and 13

Once again, one of our Bro Edern parents is kindly arranging leavers’ hoodies for year 11 and 13 pupils. These are optional, as they are arranged by a parent. They are not part of our school uniform nor PE uniform, therefore they are available in a range of colours. They will be ordered at the end of April, so you need to contact Mrs Becci Lewis-Evans soon on 07908 799210. You can arrange with her how to pay – the cost of each hoodie is £20.

Yr Antur i Amlwch

Congratulations to everyone who has started on their journey to Amlwch! I have already completed 50 miles on my bike. Full details are in the last blog:

The leaderboard on the new Bro Edern Strava group looks interesting today – with one teacher, one year 7 pupil and one parent leading the way. There is an opportunity here for everyone to shine!

This is the link to join the Bro Edern group on Strava: https://www.strava.com/clubs/broedern (full details in last blog)

And here’s the link to the spreadsheet, so you can record daily on the pupils’ iPads or Chromebooks: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1taAduf2YZSkhF-s2I8RYWrWfkpHbnqBpp81wJz7c8ZA/copy

The final stats are in from our St David’s Pilgrimage. It’s clear that pupils of all ages (and staff) really benefited – remember that we have more young pupils at school, so that’s why the numbers are bigger!

It’s interesting to see how everyone kept their records …

And it’s also interesting to see that the vast majority went for the gold challenge, completing the whole distance as an individual:

With the weather improving, we hope that even more pupils will benefit from the fresh air and sunshine, and go on the adventure to Amlwch!

Thanks once again for your continued support.

Best wishes

Iwan Pritchard

Cyhoeddwyd gan Ceri Anwen James

Athrawes Ieithoedd Modern sy'n Bennaeth Cynorthwyol yn Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern.

Gadael Ymateb

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