Post-Easter 2021

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Hello Everyone

We hope you all had a happy Easter break and a chance to rest. We were delighted that all our pupils had the opportunity to return to school before Easter to see their teachers and friends and we look forward to seeing everyone back at school together tomorrow.

It’s strange to think that we’ve been blogging for our parents for over a year now. This time last year, we were facing a new, uncertain lockdown summer term. This year, things are looking more familiar, although school logistics continue to be far from normal.

Daily Arrangements

Pupils need to arrive no later than 8:35am and the school day ends, as usual, at 3:25pm. Buses will travel at the same times as normal. In the morning pupils can continue to arrive any time after 7am and go and sit in Caffi Ikea. The small number of pupils who arrive at the crack of dawn will need to sit separately from pupils in other year groups. We cannot have different start and finish times for different years because of the buses, and this would also make things more complicated for parents. Pupils may sit in Caffi Ikea until 8am. After 8am, they need to go and congregate in their designated year group area of the school, as before.


Government guidelines continue to state that pupils are not allowed to share any equipment which has not been disinfected. This means that it is essential that your child brings a fully-stocked pencil case to school every day. With the current restrictions, it would also be useful if they had a PrittStick or similar by the end of the week. The list of necessary stationery is here:

Timetable and ClassCharts

Pupils are now familiar with checking their timetable on ClassCharts. The timetable has changed several times over the lockdown period, so the latest version is what appears on the ClassCharts app. Your child’s last paper version is not current. If you have forgotten your ClassCharts login details, please contact Mr Gary Ellis.

School Uniform

Everyone needs to return to school in full and smart school uniform, including school shoes. Please refer any issues to the Head of Year.


The arrangements for wearing a face covering all day will continue as before Easter. Please ensure that your child has a suitable mask / face covering.

School buses and any public transport require a mask / face covering – these are Cardiff Council and Welsh Government rulings.

One Way System

Our one way system continues to be enforced, and it is essential that it is followed by everyone at all times. On rare occasions, staff may need to ignore the one-way system in the event of a medical emergency.

Year 11, 12 and 13 Assessments

It’s going to be an important and busy term for years 11, 12 and 13 and I wish all the best to everyone facing assessments, both pupils and staff. Please remember to consult the special blog, published before Easter, about the assessments:

Please contact your child’s Head of Year with any queries. Dates of all your child’s assessments should be on ClassCharts – see the above blog.


In lessons, all classes will continue to have a seating plan. In line with government guidelines, the chairs will be in rows. There will be at least 2m between the teacher’s desk and the pupils. When arriving at a lesson, pupils will sanitise their hands. Pupils are welcome to bring their own sanitiser if they wish.

At the end of lessons, pupils need to help their teachers by being involved in the process of disinfecting the chair and table where they have been sitting during the lesson. These are the official guidelines for pupils who move classes.

Partnership Lessons

Sixth Form Partnership lessons will return to usual, with everyone travelling once again between the three schools for lessons. All taxis have been booked. Any queries can be answered by Miss Land.

PE lessons

On the days when your child has PE, please could you send them to school already wearing their PE kit and trainers, with a roll-on deodorant in the bag, please? The school’s official PE kit needs to be worn, as always. Most lessons will be outside, so the green school hoodie would be a good idea.

St David’s Pilgrimage

We have been really pleased to hear that so many families have enjoyed completing the pilgrimage in the six weeks between February half term and the end of March. We are also aware that many pupils have gone well beyond the distance required! We are now finalising the arrangements for our next challenge, due for completion during this summer term. At least the weather is getting better!

We would like a record of how many pupils and staff have completed the St David’s Pilgrimage, therefore please quickly note the details here:


We have heard from the county that the canteen will re-open tomorrow. It will be open first thing until registration at 8:35, and then again at lunchtime. No food will be available at break time. There will be a limited choice of food to begin.

Due to the continuing social distancing rules, pupils will need separate lunchtimes, in order to reduce the number of pupils in the canteen. The intention, therefore, is to continue to divide lesson 4 into two, with year 7,8,9 pupils following lesson 1, 2, 3, lunch, 4, 5, 6, and older pupils following the pattern 1, 2, 3, 4, lunch, 5, 6.

PLEASE ensure that your child has sufficient money on their ParentPay account in order to buy food. This needs to be uploaded online in advance. No money on account = no food. The canteen is run as a business by the county. It is not run by school.

Pupils with packed lunches will continue to eat in their lesson 4 classroom and will not be involved in a canteen queue. Food cannot leave either the designated classroom nor the canteen.

Year 12 need to congregate in the hall tomorrow morning, but will not have access to the hall all day as before, because the canteen is reopening. They will need to resume use of the Lolfa if they have free lessons.

Canteen or Packed Lunch?

To get an idea of how many pupils are expected in the canteen at lunchtime on Monday, please could every parent complete these 3 very short questions? Please click on the link:

COVID-19 Symptoms

If your child, or anyone in your household, is showing any COVID-19 symptoms, then they should not come to school at all. We know it may be tempting to give your child some Calpol or Paracetamol and hope for the best, but we would like to remind you of the seriousness of the situation if your child then infected numerous classmates and staff. With the forthcoming assessments for years 11, 12 and 13 it is essential that we all play a role in ensuring that we keep everyone safe. We do not want large groups of pupils having to self-isolate this term.

The wording on the Cardiff Council website is clear:

Families are reminded that under no circumstances should learners attend school if they: 

  • ​feel unwell, have any of the three identified COVID-19 symptoms (a new continuous cough, a high temperature or loss of taste or smell) or they have tested positive to COVID-19 in the past 10 days
  • live in a household with someone who has symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive to COVID-19 in the past 10 days.

Lateral Flow Tests

Please follow the same procedures as before Easter, with everyone doing two tests a week from the blue boxes. Your child needs to collect a new box if you have run out of tests. This previous blog explains all:

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Some staff have started to receive their vaccinations, and we expect many staff to be called this term, due to their age groups. We will try to ensure that this does not affect the running of the school, but some staff who have been vaccinated over Easter have felt very unwell after their vaccination, so we need to be aware of possible disruptions to lessons. However, these vaccinations are a very important step in ensuring that our lives return to normal as soon as possible.


School buses are going to be running normally this term. Maps of each bus’s route are right at the bottom of the page on our website:
If you have any problems, please contact NAT:
Their website is
In accordance with the rules for using public transport, everyone on the bus will need a mask.

Important Dates

  • Thursday 22 Ebrill – Year 10 parents’ evening
  • Monday 3 May – Bank Holiday = school closed for all
  • Thursday 6 May – Inset because of the election = school closed for pupils

Senedd Election

Please remember to register all 16 and 17 year olds to vote in the election on 6 May. You have until 19 April to register:

Contacting us

At the beginning of a new term, a timely reminder of contact details for all heads of year. Every address in Bro Edern ends in

  • Year 7 – Mr Gary Ellis – GEllis@
  • Year 8 – Mr Kerry Lerwill – KLerwill@
  • Year 9 – Mr Steffan Jones – SJones@
  • Year 10 – Miss Bethan Yapp – BYapp@
  • Year 11 – Mr Huw Voyle – HVoyle@
  • Years 12 and 13 – Miss Nia Land – NLand@
  • General enquiries – post@

Thank you for all your patience in reading all these details once again, but I’m sure that you all agree that the health, safety and well-being of our pupils, and the wider Bro Edern Family, remains crucial as we arrange to return to the school site with all our pupils and staff once again.

Over recent months, we have heard many times of how important schools are to pupils and their families, both in terms of education and wellbeing, to society in general and to the economy, and we look forward to welcoming Bro Edern pupils back to school and see them take advantage of every opportunity that comes with the great education that we as a school have to offer them.

Best wishes

Iwan Pritchard

Cyhoeddwyd gan Ceri Anwen James

Athrawes Ieithoedd Modern sy'n Bennaeth Cynorthwyol yn Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern.

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