10 December 2020

Hello Everyone

Here’s the latest from Bro Edern, as we approach the last week of term. This term has been incredibly long and complicated, but we’re almost there! The staff have been working tirelessly once again. We had 278 pupils live learning from home on Monday: between the whole of year 8, the 812 pupils, some year 10 pupils and various individuals who are self-isolating in other year groups. All the online juggling is an interesting challenge for staff, teaching pupils online and pupils in class at the same time, and I would like to thank them again publicly for committing to such a complicated initiative with such enthusiasm. at the end of such a long term.

Year 8 pupils are now back at school, unless they have received a letter of isolation from the school, or have travelled on the top deck of the 812 – see below.

Positive Case

One of the Language Immersion Unit’s assistants has tested positive. In this case, other Immersion Unit staff need to isolate because they work so closely together. The positive assistant works with year 7 pupils. Immersion Unit year 7 pupils were sent home while we completed our enquiries. I can now confirm that none of the Immersion Unit pupils need to self-isolate. All authorities are in agreement on this, having followed all the Track and Trace guidelines for the county carefully.

10 Day Self-Isolation

You may have heard or read in the news that the official period of self-isolation, for individuals who have been in contact with positive cases, has now been reduced from 14 to 10 days. For the pupils who are already self-isolating e.g. year 8 pupils and the top deck of the 812, we received confirmation today that this new shorter period of self-isolation also applies retrospectively, therefore the dates of all pupils already self-isolating have now changed. Year 8 pupils who were a contact to the positive case and the 812 bus pupils are now self-isolating until the end of 14 December. They may leave the house for a walk for the first time on the 15th.

Next Week’s Arrangements

Welsh Government has just announced this afternoon that all secondary schools in Wales will change to online teaching next week to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

All pupils in Wales will need to stay in the house and follow their lessons online. We are very fortunate in Bro Edern that all the school’s procedures are already in place and that our pupils understand these procedures so well. Staff will be expected to be at school. There will be Live Learning all day for everyone.

Here are the Bro Edern Live Learning guidelines for you to check through with your child:


The above guidelines include lesson times etc and all the rules that need to be followed.

If your child is ill, and too ill to follow their online lessons (which is unlikely), then you will need to follow the usual steps for reporting a pupil absence. Please excuse your child from lessons in the usual way, by telephoning at school in the morning on 029 2048 9445 and leave a message explaining your child’s online absence. Unless a child is very ill, everyone at home will be expected to follow live lessons throughout the day. The content of any lessons will not be repeated in January.

Online lessons will be held until lunchtime on Friday 18th December. During the afternoon, your child will have an opportunity to catch up with any tasks that they have not completed during the week, to clear the decks before Christmas. As we stated in a previous blog, we will not be setting any homework for your child over Christmas, because this is an opportunity for you to have family time together.

Health and Safety visit

As you know, we were expecting a Health and Safety inspection this week. A team of inspectors came to see us on Tuesday afternoon. The team looked at all our procedures, including the process of switching between lessons, arriving and leaving school, break and lunch, and toilet and hand washing arrangements. I am very pleased to report that they highly commended everything the school does to ensure the safety of everyone on site.

Year 8 Parents’ Evening

By the time you read this, year 8 parents will have had their first experience of a virtual parents’ evening on our brand new School Cloud system. We hope it worked well for those of you who are year 8 parents. We have already received some very positive initial feedback from parents about the easy use of the system. If there is any further feedback, so that we can refine our procedures for parents of pupils in other year groups in the new year, please do not hesitate to contact us. By the new year, the company hopes to have the system updated so that both parents can join the parents evening at the same time, but from different locations.

Cyfeillion PTA

Thank you once again for your enthusiasm in supporting the Cyfeillion’s activities. EasyFundraising has now raised £175, at no cost to the school’s parents carrying out their usual online shopping, and the face coverings (available through ParentPay) have sold extremely well.

Here’s a reminder of the link to EasyFundraising, or download the app to your phone: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/cyfeillionbroedernpta/?utm_campaign=raise-more&utm_content=cpl

The Cyfeillion Raffle will be taking place next Wednesday afternoon (16th), so remember to buy your tickets on ParentPay before then. There are a host of prizes on offer, as you can see in the photos below. Thanks to everyone who has helped with the organisation of the raffle.

Food Bank and Save the Children

Thank you all for your generosity bringing food to the food bank, as part of the Kindness Calendar. Tomorrow the Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day officially takes place and pupils can wear their Christmas jumpers over their school uniform and donate £1 to Save the Children through ParentPay. Tomorrow is the last day for our pupils in the school building before Christmas, so we are looking forward to seeing them all in their colourful jumpers.

Cardiff Urdd Youth Club

Next Tuesday, the Urdd will be running an online club for pupils in years 7 – 9. There is a warm welcome for new and old members. A number of exciting activities will be organised including quizzes and different games using Zoom.

To join the club the following questionnaire will need to be filled by following the link below:

Christmas Concert

The Music Department and Mr George have been busy filming and recording our Christmas concert under quite challenging conditions. Holding a concert in a packed hall is so much easier! We look forward to presenting you with our virtual Christmas concert in the period leading up to Christmas. Everything will be launched on the school’s YouTube channel, in due course:


If you would like to hear more Christmas music, remember that we have two playlists to bring the spirit of Christmas to your home through the medium of Welsh:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1OPjHJxVOKci6wDq480frH

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmsN529FmVUxtpY4n5iC3aAYgtLH6FzZw

Thank you once again for your support for the school.

With best wishes to you all

Iwan Pritchard

Gadael Ymateb

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