6 December 2020


New Positive Case

How does this affect year 8 pupils?

We heard at lunchtime today that a year 8 pupil has received a positive COVID-19 test result this morning. The pupil was at school on Friday, therefore this means that we will need to make lots of checks, including measuring every room that the pupil visited on Friday and checking all seating plans. We anticipate that tracking the pupil’s movements properly will take some time, so we kindly ask year 8 parents to keep their children at home in self isolation for two days – initially Monday and Tuesday, so that we can carry out all our checks. We will contact you once we have tracked the pupil’s steps, so that year 8 parents know whether their child needs to stay home longer than two days.

How does this affect the 812 bus pupils (again)?

The positive pupil travelled on the 812 bus to Bro Edern on Friday morning, and home again on Friday afternoon. This means that the pupils who were on the top deck of the 812 on Friday morning or afternoon will need to isolate for two weeks – we know this for sure already. This means that these pupils cannot leave the house for two weeks, again. We can only apologise, for something which is clearly out of our control.

In order for us to find out which pupils were on the top deck of the 812, please complete the form below, so that we have a record of who needs to stay at home. As a result of the list compiled, we will make Live Learning arrangements for tomorrow, as well as reporting the details to the authorities. Until parents complete this form, we are not sure who the pupils are, and how many there are, but we anticipate that the list will be similar to last time:

Form for the 812: https://forms.gle/HycuC3KJvx2fspY48

Live Learning Arrangements for Self-Isolating Pupils

All year 8 lessons, as well as lessons for the 812 top deck pupils, will be live online from 9:04 in the morning. All Live Learning will begin 10 minutes after the official start time of every lesson, so that teachers moving between rooms etc can get to their lesson and set up, after disinfecting their previous classroom.

Here are Bro Edern’s Live Learning instructions. Please read through everything carefully with your child tonight. No pyjamas / no eating / no mobile near the lesson etc:


If you and your child have not yet completed the Live Learning agreements – please do so urgently tonight:

Disgybl / Pupil: https://forms.gle/hs3XEBazfv9cuywt5
Rhiant / Parent: https://forms.gle/p8B753Aq17JDuY647

PE Changes

There are changes to the PE Department’s activities as a resut of all this, therefore please keep a close eye on https://twitter.com/AG_BroEdern later for the latest.

Year 8 Parents’ Evening Booking

5pm has now passed – we hope that everything went well! Any issues, please e-mail Mr Lerwill: KLerwill@ysgolbroedern.cardiff.sch.uk


Dear All

With two weeks to go before the Christmas holidays, I’m writing with the latest from Bro Edern. I hope you are all keeping well and looking forward to the end of term. Life is still busy at school, and we were delighted to welcome the 812 bus pupils and then the Sixth Form back to school last week. Self-isolating pupils continue to have Live Learning all day, and staff succeed amazingly in teaching pupils at school, while simultaneously teaching the on-screen pupils who are at home. This week we are eagerly awaiting a visit from Health and Safety Executive staff, who are coming to carry out a full inspection of the school on Tuesday afternoon. They are coming to see all our procedures for COVID-19. Something for us all to look forward to.

Positive Cases

We heard during the week that one year 12 pupil has tested positive for COVID-19. She was tested because she had symptoms after another family member tested positive. The pupil was already self-isolating, due to the previous positive case in year 12. This means that she has not been at school for some time, and therefore no-one else needs to self-isolate.

A classroom assistant has also tested positive this week, but again, she was already self-isolating because a close contact had proven positive, so no-one else at school needs to self isolate.

All authorities are in agreement in both cases, namely than no-one else needs to self-isolate. We have followed the Track and Trace guidelines carefully and have worked with the county and the experts at Public Health Wales to protect the whole Bro Edern family.


You may have heard in the news that there is a new requirement for wearing masks in secondary schools. The government has recently announced that everyone will need to wear a mask at all times and in all school settings, except in the classroom, or if they are eating. This means that pupils will need to wear a mask on the yard at all times from now on. Since the announcement, we have been awaiting further guidance from the county, and now need to implement the new ruling from Monday morning.

Pupils already wear a mask on the corridor. We know that the extra ruling, having to wear a mask all day, including on the yard, will be frustrating for many pupils, but everyone needs to understand that this is a central government rule, not a school rule. It is essential that everyone follows the rules, in order to minimise the risks for everyone.

Here’s an example of a news report about the new ruling:


Thank you again as parents for your continued support of the school and all the rules we have to put in place. Remember to check every morning (or the night before) that your child has a clean mask. The pupils who forget are the same ones – please note that we do not have an endless stock of masks.


A quick word here to remind you once again not to send your child to school if they show any symptoms, OR IF ANYONE ELSE IN THE HOME HAS SYMPTOMS. Also, if any close contacts of your child show symptoms.

Year 8 Parents’ Evening

The year 8 virtual parents’ evening will be held this Thursday, 10 December. We have invested in a new online system to facilitate the process for parents and teachers and are looking forward to using the system for the first time. As year 8 parents know, we have reset the system with newly-created 3 minute slots, and the booking system for the new slots with your child’s teachers will open at 5pm today, Sunday 6 December. As with all new systems, we are familiarising ourselves with the various quirks, and we are confident that we have done the right thing, starting again from scratch and reopening the new system today. It seems that Bro Edern parents’ evenings are just as popular as Justin Bieber concerts. We hope to goodness that everything will go smoothly at 5pm today when the system opens for bookings again.

There are new detailed instructions for year 8 parents today, so be sure to read them carefully before 5pm tonight, including watching the instruction video on this page:


In order to book, parents need an 8 digit code. The code was sent to you at the beginning of last week. You will reuse the code every time you need to go to a virtual Bro Edern parents’ evening, so we ask you very kindly to make a note of the code and keep it safe for the future. Your 8 digit code will have appeared either in a text message from school, or will have gone to the Teachers2Parents app, if you have that app on your phone. We highly recommend that parents don’t download the app, because parents don’t always receive notifications that a new message has arrived, and so they miss important messages, as happened with the first round of booking the parents’ evening last week.

Year 8 Chromebooks

Year 8 pupils have eagerly received their Chromebooks and these have been brilliantly integrated into lessons straight away. Thank you for paying the first contribution towards the insurance. We must inform you that 3 Chromebooks have already broken, one of which has been dropped on the floor at home. Will you again remind your child of the importance of looking after the Chromebook at all times? We are currently trying to get information from the county about which company we need to use to get the Chromebooks repaired. Neither we nor the county had anticipated problems as quickly as this.

Many parents have been asking for spec details of the Chromebooks, in order to buy a case or cover for them. This is a particularly good idea, especially considering they need to be transported to school every day. The year 8 Chromebook model is as follows: Acer Chromebook 314, and the details are here:


Year 7 Chromebooks

We are waiting for the delivery date, but are still expecting them before Christmas. In the meantime, the insurance payment has been placed on ParentPay for you, and you also need to complete the agreement below. This means that there will be no delay in your child receiving their Chromebook when they arrive. Thank you to the parents who have already completed both tasks.

Advent Calendar of Kindness

Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in our Kindness Calendar and has followed it daily with your child. Many parents enjoy having their child translate the daily messages for them. The donations received for the Cardiff Food Bank at the end of last week were amazing. Thanks to you all for your generosity. It is truly a season of goodwill here at Bro Edern. All food will go to the Food Bank on Monday. If anyone has forgotten, your child has the final opportunity to bring things straight to Miss Rowlands and Miss Goode on the Humanities corridor, first thing on Monday morning.

Details of the Food Bank are here: https://cardiff.foodbank.org.uk/give-help/donate-food/

Lost Property

An increasing number of requests are coming from parents, asking staff to search for their child’s lost property. Please note again the importance of putting a name on all your child’s belongings. Your child needs to retrace their steps, once they realise that they have lost something, and the sooner the better. It is not possible for staff to wander around school, looking for lost property.


Usually on Christmas day, various small gifts from Santa appear in stockings. Could you please suggest the following to Santa this year? He is aware of the COVID restrictions, and understands that your child is not allowed to share equipment and stationery at school. If Santa could sort the following by the new year, that would be great:

  • Blue or black biros
  • Pencils
  • Rubber
  • Green biros for MAPio tasks
  • Ruler
  • Maths equipment: Compass, protractor etc
  • Masks

Cyfeillion (PTA)

Thanks to the Cyfeillion for all their work throughout the term, organising many successful activities, despite the fact that it is a very difficult time to fundraise.

The raffle is now live on ParentPay, with a host of great prizes, as you can see in the picture. Tickets cost £1 only. Many thanks to all the companies and individuals who have given generous prizes.

Also, please remember to sign up to the EasyFundraising app, which has now raised over £160 for the school, at no cost to parents. It’s very easy to use while shopping online.

Here is the Bro Edern EasyFundraising link: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/cyfeillionbroedernpta/?utm_campaign=raise-more&utm_content=cpl

The Cyfeillion masks are also selling particularly well. Make sure you get your hands on one through ParentPay, before they sell out. They have three layers and cost £6. All proceeds go to the Cyfeillion.

Oddballs Hats

Some parents have been enquiring about the “Oddballs Hats” that appear on the ParentPay list. These are special hats created by the charitable company Oddballs, at the time of our last rugby and netball tour. The company raises awareness about testicular cancer – hence the name of the hats. Because new parents are not familiar with them, here is a photo for you to see. They are nice and warm, as you can see in the picture of Mr Williams modelling the hat while on duty on a cold morning. We have a stock of them left. You are welcome to order one or more. They make great Christmas presents.

Cant a Mil

Parents ask staff regularly for suggestions for Welsh reading books and where to buy them. Thank you for taking an interest in your child’s education. Thanks also to the parents who attended the Welsh lessons on Zoom this week. We hope you enjoyed! We have a local bookstore, which sells all kinds of Welsh books and goods. Cant and Mil is at 100 Whitchurch Road, not far from Ysgol Mynydd Bychan, Companies House and the old Maskreys. They are open from 9:30am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday. They will be open on Christmas Eve until 1pm.
Here is their website: http://cantamil.com/
Feel free to order online, or phone the shop for any help and advice.

Thanking Staff

As the end of term approaches, a few boxes of biscuits have started arriving at Bro Edern to thank staff. Without trying to sound ungrateful, please note that staff are not allowed to share any open food at present, due to COVID restrictions. We cannot leave biscuit boxes etc in a central place for everyone to help themselves. Everything shared by staff has to be “individually wrapped”. It’s not a very environmentally friendly regulation, but that’s the way it is with COVID. We need fit and healthy staff in school!

We are looking forward to another busy week at Bro Edern, including recording our virtual Christmas concert. We look forward to being able to share the music and spirit of Christmas with you by the end of term.

In the meantime, here’s our new Christmas playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1OPjHJxVOKci6wDq480frH

And our old list, which is still on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmsN529FmVUxtpY4n5iC3aAYgtLH6FzZw

Thanks once again for your continued support.

Best wishes

Iwan Pritchard

Cyhoeddwyd gan Ceri Anwen James

Athrawes Ieithoedd Modern sy'n Bennaeth Cynorthwyol yn Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern.

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