11 September 2020

Dear Everyone

We hope that you’re all well. It has been a long and busy week at Bro Edern, as you can imagine! Here’s another blog with the latest from the school. There is so much to tell parents, but today we will focus mainly on the things relevant to next week.


The canteen will re-open on Monday 14 September. Parents should note the following:

  • A VERY limited choice of food will be provided by the county
  • We believe that only cold food will be available
  • The queuing system around the hall has been measured out to allow a distance of 2m between each pupil in the queue – we expect the queue to be long!
  • Pupils will need to queue in a mask
  • Pupils will sit to eat at designated tables for their year bubble only
  • During the first lunch break, years 7 and 8 will be in the hall and year 9 in Caffi Ikea
  • For the second lunch break, years 10 and 11 will also be split between the two locations, depending on numbers, again to keep pupils in their year bubbles
  • Tables and chairs will be disinfected between use
  • The thumb reader in the kitchen, which allows pupils to pay for their lunch, will be disinfected between each pupil
  • Pupils cannot bring cash to school to top up their account – the machine in Caffi Ikea has been switched off – you must use ParentPay online

Packed Lunches

The procedure for eating packed lunches will continue as at present. Pupils will be able to eat their packed lunch immediately on the bell, in their classroom, with the member of staff teaching them at the time. This means they can go straight out to play or get some fresh air after eating. They will not go to the canteen, they will not queue. The option of eating sandwiches from home is a much easier option for pupils at present. Please note that canteen pupils will have to eat in the canteen, and sandwich pupils will have to eat in their classroom. Pupils will not be able to go elsewhere to eat with their friends.

Canteen or sandwiches?

To get an idea of how many pupils are expected in the canteen at lunchtime on Monday, please could every parent complete these 3 very short questions? Please click on the link:


Free School Meals

For the week of 14-18 September, we don’t really expect to see Free School Meals pupils in the canteen, as the current arrangements will continue. You as parents receive money or vouchers from the county to provide a packed lunch for your child. You should continue to prepare a packed lunch until 18 September. Free School Meals pupils are obviously welcome to have lunch in the canteen, but you will need to pay in advance by topping up your ParentPay online account.

From 21 September, the system will be back to normal, as it was before lockdown. Your child will be able to get their free lunch from the canteen – up to the value of £2.95 a day.

Paying for Canteen Food

Due to COVID-19 regulations, the machine for pupils to load cash onto their account in Caffi Ikea has been switched off. Currently, pupils CANNOT bring money to school to pay for their canteen food. You will need to upload money IN ADVANCE through your family ParentPay account, and please make sure that you allow 24 hours for the money to appear on the account. If you’re unsure, please stick to sandwiches for now!

Year 7 pupils who had returned the biometric registration form, in order to register to pay for their lunch with their thumb, had the opportunity to register their thumbs on the biometric system yesterday. They are now ready to use the system, as long as there is money on their account. Year 7 pupils who have not returned the form can get a pin number from Mr Ellis on Monday, should they wish to use the canteen.

The canteen is run as a business by Cardiff Council. The canteen staff have asked us to pass on these following messages to all our parents, at the beginning of a new year:

  • No money on account = No lunch
  • Pupil accounts are not allowed to go into debt
  • No IOU will be available
  • It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that there is money on the account in order for their child to eat
  • The canteen has no responsibility nor obligation to feed pupils who do not have money on their account
  • Please remember that it can take 24 hours for money to appear on the account. Please set yourself a weekly reminder on your phone so that there is no doubt on a Monday.
  • We hate seeing pupils who are obviously hungry, unable to have lunch

Thanks to you all for your co-operation in this. Otherwise, it can be very awkward for canteen staff.


Breakfast will be available from 7:45am in the canteen. There will be two options available initially, toast (37p) and hot bagels (78p).


Until the delivery arrives on Monday morning, we are not totally sure what will be on offer, but we know it will be a very limited choice. This is what is likely to be available. The cookies and muffins have been baked by the canteen staff today!

  • Baguettes £2.60
  • Sandwiches £1.97
  • Cold pasta pot + water + small cookie £2.95
  • Jacket potatoes – prices vary according to filling
  • Muffins £1.05
  • Cookies 95p
  • Water 85p
  • Apple / Orange juice cartons 67p

Year 7 Colorfoto Photos

The date has changed for various reasons, including the fact that 7H2 pupils are currently not in school. The photo session will no longer be on Monday 14 September, but rather on Friday 25 September.

School Uniform

We would like to give parents official advance notice that pupils will need to be in full school uniform from Monday 5 October. They will also need to wear the school’s official PE kit from that date.

Every pupil needs a school JUMPER every day. By 5 October the weather will have cooled, and we will return to the no coats in the building ruling.

Please could parents make an appointment now to remove any fake nails before 5 October. We also do not want to see any make-up nor nail varnish from 5 October. Hair colour should also have migrated back to a natural shade by then.

Please remember to follow our guidelines for school shoes. We don’t want parents to have to buy two pairs because the first ones are wrong. Here are some photos from the Transition website, for everyone to be totally clear. Plain, black. Leather / Leather looking.

Full details of the PE kit required to follow soon in the next blog.

The Sixth Form

We are very keen to ensure that all pupils in our Sixth Form and their parents have signed our live learning agreement. If Sixth Form pupils need the flexibility of online learning in the future, then everything would be in place for pupils to continue straight away with live A-level lessons. For that to happen, everyone must sign an agreement, as required by the county. The deadline for completing these forms is TODAY. Your child should have told you already. If you haven’t done this yet, here are the links:

Pupil Contract: https://forms.gle/wNb6W7We2MWseHLs8

Parental Contract: https://forms.gle/DMuU88musEfQr11M8

Sixth Form Partnership Courses

Partnership subjects, in collaboration with Glantaf and Plasmawr, will start on Monday 14 September. Taxis have been arranged to take pupils from Bro Edern to the teaching school. Pupils are expected to wait in our school reception for a taxi.

Bro Edern pupils who follow a partnership course in year 12 will receive a comprehensive contract on Monday morning from Miss Land. It will outline all usual procedures, as well as the new regulations due to COVID-19.

Parking near the school

Would you please be careful when parking close to school? The neighbours are unhappy at the moment due to parents blocking their driveways and parking inconsiderately in the vicinity of the school. One of the neighbours has been filming cars and has contacted local councillors. We do not want to alienate the school’s neighbours. Diolch.


The routine of wearing a mask is starting to become second nature, despite it still feeling rather strange. We would like to remind you that your child needs a mask in school, and not a face cover. The recommendation is that each mask needs to contain at least three layers of material. The masks provided to the school by Cardiff Council consist of three layers. Pupils at Bro Edern have been offered a county mask many times, and the pupils who have wanted or needed a mask have taken them. Would you please remind your child to pack their mask daily? Bus pupils also need to remember to wear a mask on the bus at all times.

Following the Welsh Government announcement of the need to wear a mask in shops in Wales from Monday 14 September, anyone arriving at Bro Edern will also need to wear a mask in order to enter reception.


It has been a very “interesting” start to the year, and we’ve been focusing on getting the whole school back so that everyone can continue their education safely. Our challenge is to keep all our pupils, and all school staff safe while providing education of the highest quality.

I would like to thank you as parents once again for all your recent support. Your regular messages of support are greatly appreciated. Please continue to encourage your child to speak Welsh, to work consistently, to wear a mask and follow our one way system, so that Ysgol Bro Edern can continue to maintain its high standards while keeping everyone safe.

Have a good weekend.

Best wishes

Iwan Pritchard

Cyhoeddwyd gan Ceri Anwen James

Athrawes Ieithoedd Modern sy'n Bennaeth Cynorthwyol yn Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern.

Gadael Ymateb

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